Sharing Ltd

‘Sharing Condividere Idee e Abitazioni’ is the company that manages SANPAOLO Campus. Promoted by Turin’s Cooperativa D.O.C., the company was born in 2011 to develop and manage innovative temporary and social housing projects with the purpose of creating new models and residential solutions that contribute to improving the offersof the social and economic territory in which they aim to operate.

The activities of projecting, organizing and managing provide for the realization and the coordination of social services connected to the temporary or permanent running of the Social Housing structures. The fields involved in the project are the cultural, educational and recreational ones,as well as the promotion and coordination of services offered to the territory after careful and qualified analyses .

Since 2011 we have been running SHARING TORINO, a social housing project of international relevance, that offers its aid for the house renting in the metropolitan context of Turin, by proposing  apartments at affordable costs, for the not so well-off part of the population, city users, tourists.

Erasmo Fund

The Erasmus fund is the first estate fund meant for the temporary housing of students financed for 60% by FIA (Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare managed by CDP Investimenti SGR) and for 40% by Fondo Aristotele (managed by Fabrica and totally supported by INPS).

The Erasmus Fund, which is developing a 160 million euros triennial plan of intervention in the main Italian university cities, is working on two further initiatives, one already operative in Bologna and the other one in Venice, for a total of approximately 850 beds.

Fabrica Immobiliare

It is an SGR that has set up and managed estate funds since 2005, with the participation of Caltagirone Group and Monte dei Paschi di Siena Group. Fabrica is among the main Italian players and runs 13 funds for a total figure of about 3.7 million euros now. Besides the Erasmus and Aristoteles projects, Fabrica also manages the Esperia fund, unique social housing fund meant for the control of the housing of needy families in Southern Italy, promoted and fully financed by FIA – Investments Fund for Housing of CDP Investments SGR.